Why did we start SolarAcademy?

That is a question we get asked often. Here is the answer.

If you want a better world. Share your knowledge. Sharing is caring. Sharing your knowledge is sharing your power. Sharing your power is seeing others where they want to be seen. As equals to you. Not as less powerful people who you can profit from. Sharing your knowledge means respecting others. It means helping others. It means empowering others.

Most people, even the powerful, are not OK anymore living in a world of haves and have-nots, the powerful and the weak. They are not OK supressing others, just to see the awful reactions and consequences that result from unfair and unnatural concentration of power.

So, that is why we started SolarAcademy. Because we believe Solar Power means Equal Power for all in the world. So as veterans of the solar industry we believe it is our responsibility to share our knowledge with all people who work in solar to help create a more fair, more equal, and a healthier planet for all.