Founder’s Note

My name  is Kerim Baran and I am the creator of SolarAcademy. I thought it might be helpful to share my story and why I created SolarAcademy.

I was born to a family who provided me with love, support and access to more opportunities than 99% of my age group. I was educated in some of the best schools in the world and I had the opportunity to hold jobs and have experiences in some of the most prestigious and powerful companies in the world.

Growing up and operating in these elite environments, my most painful memories were observing how some of the seemingly successful powerful people treated others. I observed three kinds of powerful people. The ones that step on others. The ones that are oblivious to others. And the ones that raise others.

These days, when young entrepreneurs or professionals come to me for advice, I usually tell them to be change they want to see in the world. SolarAcademy is my attempt to be the change I want to see in the world. A world with more power equity and a world with harmonized power balance. So you can think of my effort with SolarAcademy as a step towards changing the way powerful and privileged behave, by raising others.

I think the best way to raise others is by sharing our knowledge and power, like good parents do. Like my parents did with me. This is my attempt to start a movement, to make more powerful business leaders change their behavior to be more sharing with their knowledge, power and information.

So yes, I am the the first to dance on the field. Like this guy below. Want to join me?

My goal with SolarAcademy is to help shift our collective consciousness so that the successful and powerful people are helping raise others by sharing more of their knowledge, information and experience. Not hoarding power and information, and not by using information as a lever to control and use others, but to help and raise others to our level.

And where better to start this movement but the power and energy industry. I invite leaders of change to share more of their solar power knowledge, as well as other knowledge to help balance the power inequity in the world, which seems to be causing much of the trouble we experience today.