Summons to SolarAcademy

Dear {FName},

As a leader in the Solar Industry in the {RegionName} area, you know well the importance of solar education for buyers and most importantly the role solar sales process plays in the advancement of our industry.

Unlike many other industries, the people we see in our industry choose to be in their profession not only for their bottom line but also for the environmental and social benefits their efforts create, for their community, and for our planet. Yet most solar companies spend a huge amount of their revenues in sales and marketing expenses.

I am reaching out to you because I am launching a new initiative today that goes beyond the traditional ways of advancing the solar industry. Up until now, most solar has been sold with traditional sales & marketing efforts: in-person sales, phone sales, direct mail, online advertisement, etc.. You know very well that no sales method is as effective as word-of-mouth spreading of your good service.

Well, this is your chance to multiply your word-of-mouth effect for FREE.

Today, we are launching the first of its kind – SolarAcademy Video competition. The purpose of the SolarAcademy Video competition is to increase the awareness of solar energy solutions across our nation.

Our goal with SolarAcademy is to have 50 teams of competing high school students across the nation to create 50 quality videos of local solar companies and their good work whereby they educate, inform, and create incentives for their communities to act on the potential of solar and advanced energy solutions. A local effort by local students to get the word out for local businesses in their local communities.

To start with, we have identified 5 key regions in the nation, where each region will be represented with one team.  We have identified and are finalizing the list of high schools that will participate in this competition. We are also currently in the process of identifying the local {RegionName} businesses to match with their local high schools.

As a leading solar business in the {RegionName}, we would like your business to be one featured in one of the first 5 videos that will be created about solar in the {RegionName} region. Please let me know if you would like to be part of this competition.

Participation in the SolarAcademy Video Competition will not cost your company any money.  You and perhaps 1-2 of your employees and will work with a highschool team of 2-3 film makers to create a 3 minute video about one of your recent projects. The script and content of the film will be decided and created as a joint effort between your team and the highschool film team. Final release will be subject to your approval.  We expect the whole effort to not take more than 8 hours of your company time.

There will be prizes given at the end of the competition. Each winner (the high school team)  in each of the 5 regions will receive a $X award. And the best 3 films amongst all 50, will recieve awards in the amount of $X, $Y and $3Z. The awards will be sponsored by a number of industry leaders such as CivicSolar, Ygrene, as well as others.