Solar Education, Training and Professional Content Providers

Here are some of the leading providers of Solar Education, Training and Professional Content:

SolarPro is a technical trade publication distributed to more than 20,000 professionals working in the North American solar market. It’s community includes system designers, engineers, project managers, integrators, installers, equipment manufacturers, product wholesalers, and business owners and executives. SolarPro’s mission is to speed the deployment of solar generation in North America through industry-leading coverage of best practices for utility, commercial and residential system design and deployment. SolarPro is backed by more than 25 years of solar technology publishing experience that began in 1987 with the launch of its sister publication, Home Power.

Greentech Media
Greentech Media delivers market analysis, business-to-business news and conferences that inform and connect players in the global clean energy market. Our coverage extends across the clean energy industry with a focus on solar power and the electric utility market’s evolution. Greentech Media’s industry-leading coverage is provided by world-class journalists and a global network of expert contributors, supported by a team of analysts from our market intelligence arm, GTM Research.

Solar Power World
Since 2011, Solar Power World has helped American solar contractors—including installers, developers and EPCs in all markets—grow their businesses and do their jobs better. Solar Power World does this through a variety of content platforms including articles online, in bimonthly print issues, social media, enewsletters, podcasts, webinars and more.

HeatSpring’s platform enables knowledge leaders to better reach knowledge seekers. HeatSpring focuses on working with industry experts within solar, green building and other renewable energy technologies. Any qualified expert can build a course and reach anyone in the world.

ImagineSolar’s mission is to empower people and organizations in the planning, designing, installation, commissioning, maintenance, business, and technical sales of Solar PV systems in order to accelerate the transformation of the energy industry to a non-carbon-emitting solar and smart grid future.

SolarWakeUp is your daily rundown of the top stories in the solar industry. SolarWakeup is here to help solar and energy professionals find the relevant news of the day every morning in order to help everyone make the solar industry a little bit better. You will find real news stories directly from the source and be able to bypass the press releases.

SunCast began as the first-ever podcast focused on solar energy for emerging markets back in 2015, it is now a go-to resource for entrepreneurs and sales professionals alike in the renewable energy space. Today, SunCast is downloaded thousands of times per month by energy industry professionals seeking insight into how to grow their personal and professional skills and business. The show is mostly interview style, and provides valuable insight into the personal and professional lives of industry executives.

Solar Energy International
Solar Energy International (SEI) was founded in 1991 as a nonprofit educational organization. Its mission is to provide industry-leading technical training and expertise in renewable energy to empower people, communities, and businesses worldwide.

Home Power
When Richard and Karen Perez launched Home Power in 1987, their mission was to change the way people generate and use energy, one rooftop at a time. Over the years, Home Power has become the editorial venue for homeowners, business owners, and renewable energy professionals to exchange equipment, design, installation, and system performance experiences.

SolPowerPeople is a solar PV education and consulting organization with a primary focus on supporting the staffing, hardware, and software requirements of organizations in need of 3rd-party PV inspections. To date, SolPowerPeople has trained thousands of individuals in code-compliant PV installation practices and has provided the technical expertise for over 10,000 PV installations.