The Bodhi app for better solar customer experience

I wrote about Scott Nguyen’s solar startup 17TeraWatts and their Bodhi app in a previous post titled “Is Solar the New Fire?

Bodhi is a great simple app, essentially a digital system that accomplishes a few major things for solar installers:

  1. Bodhi keeps customers engaged from the date of initial contract through the 25 year relationship, by integrating with the solar installer’s CRM system and by creating personalized interactions with the homeowner, notifiying them (via text, email, and within the app) about key steps of the installation timeline such as (permitting, payments, notice-to-proceed, installation, inspection) and more.
  2. Allows the homeowner to share each message easily on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. resulting in increased referral sales.
  3. Once the system is powered up, Bodhi provides data visualizations and performance alerts that are meaningful and actionable.

Here is a quick 60 second demo of the Bodhi app: