Solare Energy provides a peek into a typical residential solar sales pitch in San Diego

This week, we had the chance to interview Solare Energy’s co-founder John Davis about his sales process. In this session, John and I dissected the typical information he presents to his prospective customers during his sales process.

We dug deep into the two most important documents that John shares with his prospective customers:

  • Annual Solar Production Report
  • A Residential Solar System Proposal

We talked about many aspects of a typical residential solar system in San Diego area. We talked about the typical system size, annual kWh production numbers, cost, federal tax rebates, as well as warranties, equipment brands and financing options.

Some of the key pieces of information we covered in this video interview were:

  • Annual Production Report (0:59)
    • Weather Station Data Reports (2:15)
    • Monthly output (2:50)
    • Production losses (3:35)
    • Monthly kWh production estimate (4:00)
    • Equipment choice (5:00)
    • System size and annual production estimate (5:15)
    • Design and layout (5:33)
  • Solar System Proposal (6:30)
    • Solar Savings (7:00)
    • Consumption details and Annual production (7:45)
    • Reasons for slightly over-sizing the system
    • Cost of the system and Federal tax rebate (9:15)
    • Payback time calculation (9:40)
    • Pricing, warranties, output / production guarantees,… (10:30)
    • Panasonic’s enhanced warranty (13:02)
    • Common issues with solar systems (14:30)
    • Effective rate per kWh post install ($0.06 vs. $0.33) (16:25)
    • Future discussion topics: Batteries and Financing options (18:38)

Solare Energy specializes in residential, commercial, and non-profit solar panel installation and energy efficiency services in San Diego County. As one of San Diego’s oldest and best solar companies, Solare Energy offers smart energy solutions that combine solar and energy efficiency systems to provide the highest energy, economical, and environmental benefits to customers.