Ohm Analytics provides real-time market intelligence on solar installations

Chris Collins is one of the rising entrepreneurs in the solar industry. After an 8-year career in traditional finance, Chris entered the solar industry and worked for one of the leading P.A.C.E. financiers. Three years later, he launched his company Ohm Analytics.

Ohm Analytics is the only real-time market intelligence platform in the solar industry that has a free offering for all players in the industry. Ohm Analytics pulls publicly available permit and interconnection data and reports it live on a web-based platform to its subscribers.

Who are Ohm’s subscribers? Well, anyone and everyone in the solar industry from leading solar financiers to distributors, from equipment manufacturers to installers. Ohm Analytics provides data on each installation detailing the installer, the equipment used, permit dates, and more…

In the past week, Ohm Analytics made a substantial portion of its data freely available to all players in the solar industry to more effectively expose the COVID-19 impact on the industry.

I had the chance to interview Chris on Zoom where he gave us a brief demo of the Ohm Analytics platform.

In this interview, we talked about:

  • The story behind OhmAnalytics (0:01)
  • Data sources behind Ohm Analytics (3:00)
  • Platform demo (4:59)
  • COVID-19 impact on the solar industry (7:15)
  • Free market intelligence offerings for solar developers, installers, and the industry (9:30)

It is refreshing and motivating to see startups like Ohm Analytics doing well in the Solar Industry.