LoanPal, the new leader in Solar Financing

Eric Howarth, VP of Home Innovations at Loanpal and Hesham Habib, Sales Team Lead at Solargraf have recently delivered a joint webinar. You can access the entire webinar through this link.

Some of my thoughts and the things that I found worth noting while watching this webinar:

  • Loanpal team claims to be the leader in solar financing, in less than 2 years after founding.
  • Yet, they also claim to be part of a company that was founded in 2003. That was confusing.
  • They claim to have the entire former executive team of SolarCity and some of the Vivint folks. Makes me think, what is happening with Tesla/SolarCity then?
  • Loanpal has DirectPay partnerships with 6 Distributors. But not yet with the 3 giants of solar equipment distribution (CED, Rexel, and Sonepar).
  • SolarGraf, through their Solar Sales and Design SaaS platform, facilitates applications for Solar Installers to apply to become Loanpal dealers. I wonder if they have any further integration besides just sending an application to Loanpal.
  • Loanpal is working on a new dealer portal and they are testing loans to sub-650 FICO customers.