Solar Sales via Webinars

One of my favorite solar content podcasts is SunCast, by Nico Johnson. Nico is a solar veteran who has worked for major solar companies in the US and Latin America.

SunCast 99

SunCast began as the first-ever podcast focused on solar energy for emerging markets back in 2015, it is now a go-to resource for entrepreneurs and sales professionals alike in the renewable energy space. The show is mostly interview style, and provides valuable insight into the personal and professional lives of industry executives.

As I was browsing older episodes, I came across SunCast’s 99th episode where Nico interviews Paul Grana, the co-founder of HelioScope. The two solar veterans discuss the benefits of selling solar software via webinars versus via actual sales people.

As I was listening to this episode, I could not stop myself from thinking “Well, if solar software companies are selling via webinars, then why can’t solar installers use the same method to sell their services to their home owner customers?”

I had heard of a few solar installers selling services via webinars and web-based video calls. Having said that, I know majority of solar companies still use in-person door-to-door or over-the-phone sales methods for selling their solar installation services.

I wonder what the breakdown is for these various methods and how fast each one is growing or shrinking.