How to deliver thousands of engineering permits sets with ease?

According to this WoodMac report, the US Residential Solar market is on track to deliver more than 2.5GW of installs this year. Based on an average 9kW size per home, this translates as 277,000 home solar systems.

That means about exactly that many engineering permit sets will be created and submitted to local authorities for the permitting process of these solar projects.

National and large regional solar installers create their own permit sets with in-house resources. But what about the small and mid-sized solar installers who don’t want to employ a full-time resources for this function?

Enters the stage, GreenLancer.

Based in Detroit, Michigan, GreenLancer is the leading solar design and engineering service provider for the residential and commercial segments of the solar industry. They deliver tens of thousands of solar engineering permit sets to thousands of solar installers each year. What makes GreenLancer unique is their platform which reminds me of upwork or 99designs (for freelancers).

GreenLancer integrates a series of global subcontracting service providers with transparent branding and pricing on their solar engineering and design marketplace platform. They offer permit plan sets with various vendors at price points ranging from $130 to $210. They also offer proposal generation services using Aurora Solar‘s design and sales tool.

Furthermore, their platform integrates with leading solar design and proposal tools, which eliminates many hours of double-entry work that many solar installers are pained with as they transfer key project information (specific lay-out design, BOS, size, production,…) into multiple platforms.

It is refreshing to see innovators like GreenLancer succeed in the solar market.