Wave Solar, Solargraf, My Solar Installer

I came across Wave Solar recently. It looks like an efficient solar sales platform for small to medium sized solar installers. I noticed they acquired Solargraf’s Leadgen Business, My Solar Installer. I updated SolarAcademy’s Directory of Solar SaaS Providers accordingly.

Wave Solar
Wave Solar is a team of digital marketers and engineers that generate solar leads and build solar sales software. The company’s goal is to reduce solar installers cost to acquire customers. Originally a successful DOE SunShot Initiative project, Wave Solar is backed by Solar Mosaic, the largest US home solar lender, and is partnered with Panasonic Solar’s nationwide dealer network.  For more information about Wave Solar, visit https://wavesolar.com

My Solar Installer
My Solar Installer helps property owners save on their solar panels cost by connecting them to their top local solar installers. https://mysolarinstaller.com/

Solargraf is a product of Sofdesk. Created in 2013, Sofdesk is a technology corporation that focuses on accelerating business processes within solar and roofing companies. Offering a wide range of easy-to-use features from measuring, designing, shading, quoting, and financing to project management and permitting; Sofdesk’s software automates daily tasks to bring maximum value to the solar & roofing industries. For more information about Sofdesk’s Solargraf product, please visit https://solargraf.com