Taming the Sun

TamingTheSunThe first time I heard of Varun Sivaram and his book Taming the Sun was about 6 months ago from a friend of mine who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The second time was last week when my son’s math teacher told me about Varun and his book.

I got to do some reading and research on Varun’s views and appreciated his vision for a clean energy future.  I liked Varun’s views on energy, policy, solar energy, and innovation.

I found his views on the future growth of solar interesting. Unlike Tony Seba, he does not think solar will necessarily continue to grow exponentially.

Varun is concerned that solar might hit a ceiling just like nuclear did in late 20th century. He also has a balanced portfolio theory on energy which resonated with me.

Here are two talks that feature Varun: