If you can’t solve a problem, enlarge it!

“If you can’t solve a problem, enlarge it.” said Dwight Eisenhover.

All companies solve a problem one way or another.  Sometimes widening the scope of the problem you are solving makes more sense for the world to understand what are doing. This helps attract capital, bright people, and better and more aligned business partners.

For example, talking in the context of our company, CivicSolar, we can simply describe our business as a solar equipment wholesaler and distributor, or as a knowledge and equipment distribution platform provider and services aggregator, which accelerates the healing of the planet from the unhealthy and unsustainable state that it finds itself in.

I like the latter description better.  We, the passionate and purposeful team of people at CivicSolar, are uniquely positioned to help this healing process.

The planet needs:
– Clean and sustainable energy. Two thirds of the carbon in the atmosphere is due to buildings and vehicles, most of which run on fossil fuels. Solar power will change that dramatically over the next couple of decades.
– More equitable and fair distribution of power and energy resources.  5 countries and a couple dozen companies control over 50% of oil production. Solar power will democratize power production
– Business platforms that connect companies across various layers of their industry value chain. Why can’t information flow more seamlessly across companies? What if we had industry platforms that provide not just efficient B2B or B2C e-commerce solutions but also fluid  information flow pathways combining elements from platforms like KhanAcademy, Yelp, Wikipedia, Quora, etc…

At CivicSolar, we currently operate a web-based sales and marketing platform that serves 1,000s of US-based contractors. We work with the worlds leading solar energy equipment manufacturers to learn everything about their innovative products and pass on our knowledge while selling equipment to contractors. 

But that is only what do today.  Our future includes:
– Enabling not just 1,000s contractors in the US but 100,000s of contractors across the globe, builders, developers, architects with solar and advanced energy solutions to heal the power make up of their local communities
– Providing the latest great information on solar and advanced energy products to building professionals in the most efficient manner possible
– Creating and delivering learning pathways for building professionals to be up to date with new solar and advanced energy technologies

In progressing towards this future, we will try to provide as much free information as our business model allows. We believe in sharing as much information as we can so we can equalize the unequal power distribution not only in the context of dirty fossil fuels but also in the knowledge economy.