Kilo Watt? and kWh?

SOLAR ROI (2)Surely, you heard of the terms kW (kilo watt) and kWh (kilo watt hours).  To understand solar energy and to correctly size a solar system that meets your needs, you will need to understand the difference between Power and Energy.

Watt ‘(W) is a unit of Power.  1000 Watts is one kilo watt (kW).
Watt hour (Wh) is a unit of Energy. 1000 Watt hours is one kilo watt hour (kWh).

The easiest way to explain to  difference Power and Energy is with a running analogy. Power is how fast you can run.  Energy is how long you can run.

Check out this previous post titled The Amazing Math of Solar Energy. It has a good explanation for Power and Energy in the context of solar energy.