How many years do pv solar systems last for?

Some of the most common questions we hear from property owners are: “How many years do solar systems last for?” and “How much maintenance do they require?”

Most photovoltaic solar systems last for 30 years or more, with little maintenance, if at all. We know some colleagues who installed solar systems over 40 years ago and those systems are still operating at close to 75% level of their first year’s production.

Here are some facts that you need to know as a PV solar system owner:
– Most panels will last for 30+ years with no issues. Most panel manufacturers today provide 25 year warranties.
– Most inverters will last for 15-25 years with no issues.  Most inverter manufacturers provide warranties for 10  years and optional warranties for additional 5-15 years. Some inverters breakdown around the 10-15 year mark. So it might be a good idea to get the warranty option for your inverters.
– Besides the panels and the inverters, there is really no other hi-tech components of a solar system (well, except maybe for the monitoring device which usually comes as a bundle with the inverter). The balance of the system is made up of wires, connectors and racking equipment which should last 30+ years with no maintenance.
– In certain areas, you might want to clean the surface of your panels to ensure maximum production. In hot and dusty areas, it makes sense to wash the dust off the surface of your panels a few times a year. Also, in snowy areas, cleaning the snow of your panels will make a huge difference in production.