Solar Power = Equal Power

EqualPowerIn this TED Talk, Sarah Chapman, CEO of Faro Energy (formerly Iwana Energy) talks about the equalizing power of Solar Energy, especially as it relates to developing regions and countries in the world.

There is no doubt that for most of the last century, our modern human civilization has advanced on the heels of concentrated power constructs like coal, gas and oil powered power plants (vs. distributed sources of energy).

A handful of countries, still to this day, control the majority of natural gas and oil supply in the world. Several dozen big oil companies control the majority of oil distribution.

Pretty much in every modern city, the local utility company is a monopoly, controling the purchase and distribution of electric power.

Decreasing costs of pv solar technology and its applications, today enable anyone (from Africa to Alaska) to not only generate their own power, but also to store it and sell it.

Sarah Chapman does a good job of explaining how solar power is disrupting the global energy system. And that is a good thing!